Friday, June 24, 2011


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We've just added a bunch of new videos of locomotives on our layout - so check that out, and enjoy the show!

Monday, June 6, 2011

LGB 2019S Colorado & Southern Sound Mogul

Made from 1988-96. Locomotive is painted in satin black with silver boiler front, smokestack and matching coal tender. Locomotive has straight smoking smokestack, smooth sand and steam domes, operating headlamp with number-boards and taillamp on tender, simulated cowcatcher, front mounted knuckle coupler.  Locomotive cab has number "6" on each side below windows.  Tender reads "COLORADO & SOUTHERN" on each side in satin silver.  Has steam, whistle and bell sounds, as well as glowing, sparking firebox; sound unit contained in tender.  Tender is unpowered, but integral to the operation of the locomotive.  

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Very Nice Magnus 57-6002 RhB Snowplow!

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Magnus all metal RhB red/brown snowplow with adjustable snowplow "wing" blades. Functioning headlights. Ball bearing metal wheels. Non-powered, intended to be pushed. magnus train cars have excellent detail. Made cira 1990 in Germany. New Condition. Comes in metal product case. Superb and rare piece!

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Magnus 57-4960 DB Container Car

Click here to see the Magnus 57-4960 Container Car!

Magnus all metal DB gray 3-axle special wagon with two containers. Ball bearing metal wheels. Made circa 1990 in Germany. New Condition, comes in metal product case. Magnus train cars have excellent detail. Very nice work car from a series of 3-axle work cars.

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Magnus 57-4910 Flat Car w/Metal Wheels

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Magnus all metal DB gray 3-axle flat car with locomotive axle load. Ball bearing metal wheels. Made December 1990 in Germany. New condition, comes in metal product case. Magnus train cars have excellent detail. Great work car from a series of 3-axle work cars!

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Magnus All Metal DB Brown Box Car

Click here to view Magnus DB Brown Box Car
Magnus all metal DB brown 3-axle private box car. Ball bearing metal wheels. New condition. Made circa 1990 in Germany. Comes in #57 4990 metal product case. Magnus train cars have excellent detail. Good looking box car from a series of 3-axle work cars!

Magnus #56-490G Blue ARAL Tanker

Click here to see Magnus 57-490G

Magnus all metal DB blue four-axle ARAL tank car. Ball bearing metal wheels. Made December 1989 in Germany. New condition, comes in metal product case. Magnus train cars have excellent detail. Colorful well outfitted tank car

Another Unique Magnus Piece! #57-4905 Agip Tanker

Magnus all metal DB black four-axle Agip tank car. Ball bearing metal wheels. Made December 1990 in Germany. New Condition, comes in metal product case. magnus train cars have excellent detail. Handsome, well outfitted tank car!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our ever growing store...

As we continue to grow, Watts is constantly bringing in new collections from all across the world.  We have over 4000 pieces currently in stock from collection "staples" to rare and unique items.  With LGB/Marklin slowly ramping up production, we will continue to supply the market with the finest, largest selection of LGB trains available.  Check out to see that huge collection!  It has been recently redesigned to include our inventory, as well as a shopping cart so you can actually purchase things on our website without needing to call us or visit us in-store.  We're moving into the 21st century!  Also, we've created a YouTube channel, so check that out for some videos of products we have, as well as some videos of some of the locomotives running on the layout. 

We also perform repairs for those locomotives that are "under the weather" and installations when you want to add sound and/or decoders to your locomotives.  We also add lights to passenger cars and cabooses!

Whether you are new to the hobby and looking for a simple starter set, or you're looking to bring a new gem to your collection, Watts is the place to go.  We have hundreds of starter sets in-store as well as several LGB/Aster locomotives and countless other rare and unique pieces!  Check out our website or call us at 1-800-LGB-POLA (542-7652)

Harry Potter Train!

Check out this really cool Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train by Lionel!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unique Flat Car + Hess Truck!

Check out this unique item - g scale flat car with Hess Truck attached, real wood on the top of the flat car.  Made by the Hudson River Car Manufacturing Company.

Hess Truck + Flat Car

Monday, May 16, 2011

One particular collection...

Here at Watts, we are constantly bringing in new inventory, often with rare, discontinued, hard-to-find items.  One such collection provided Dave and Ross with an unusual turn of events...

Knowing that then 16-year-old Ross loved trains, Dave brought him along to help him pick up a new collection.  The customer had a beautiful three story home with an elevator to the third-story layout room.  His layouts consisting of five circuits with a circus train, trolleys, large steam engines - even a golf course - all surrounded by hand-painted murals.  He was moving to a new home and had decided to cut back to running a single Christmas train set. 

As they walked into the layout room, Ross was excited to see some locomotive that he had never seen before such as an LGB Brass Hudson and a Continental Express set.  He couldn't help but ask the owner to demonstrate some of them before boxing them up.  The owner had not operated his MTS layout for some time, but was more than happy to oblige.  After a few minutes, he had the Hudson up and running, followed by the Continental Express, a Mallet, and soon, all of the locomotives on the layout were in full operation.  Ross's excitement was contagious.  After about 20 minutes, the layout was powered down, leaving Ross to compliment the owner on the beautiful layout he had constructed.  The owner nearly teared up as he thanked Ross.  Dave motioned to Ross to begin the task at hand - picking up the collection.  As they began boxing up items, it soon came time to box up the layout.

"You know, on second thought, you might want to leave that particular train and cars," the owner said.

"Ok, how about this one?" Dave asked.

"Oh, well, you better leave that one too," said the owner.

"Ok, which ones can we box up?" asked Dave.

"Well, you know, you just better leave them all," the owner said.

"I understand, it would be a great way to help sell your house."

As they were driving away, Dave told Ross, "In the future, please try to contain your excitement when we pick up a collection."

Sales & Installations - Hand in Hand

Selling trains goes hand in hand with providing service & repairs.  That is why Watts has provided exceptional service since 1976.  Train service installations began with smoke stacks and coach lighting and grew to digital sound systems and multi-train decoders.  Service has grown from individuals needing general maintenance to restaurants, hotels, museums, hospitals and even Disney WOrld needing as many as 10 trains serviced at one time.  Usages vary from delivering drinks at Pizza King to transporting radioactive plutonium in a nuclear facility.

Some of the most challenging repairs included locomotives recovered from Hurricane Katrina, hit my lightning and used as homes for spiders and wasps (although not intentionally).  It is especially exciting when the train is opening on the workbench with insects inside - alive!  Damage often comes from nature, but the most unusual damage usually comes from humans themselves.  One man, in Florida let his grandchildren play with his trains, later finding them buried on the beach.

Another example comes from a man who, well into a margarita happy hour, decided to vent his anger by shooting his trains with his BB gun. 

Finally, after upsetting his wife, on man saw his collection destroyed with a sledgehammer.

Another unusual case involved a man on an outdoor layout tour.  He called David the afternoon before the tour, desperately in need of a spark arrestor smoke stack that he had broken off of his sound mogul locomotive.  He had to have it that night! David explained that he would leave the smoke stack in teh mailbox for him to pick up.  Soon thereafter, Dave and a friend ventured to the mailbox.  As they approached, the notice a car, headlights on, parked near the mailbox.  The man inside was fishing through his wallet.  As they pulled up, Dave told his friend "This is the man who wants the smoke stack, please hand it to him."  The customer, looking up, saw Dave's vehicle slow to a stop, the window roll down and a hand extending outward with the smoke stack.
"Hey you, come here," Dave's friend said.  The man, shock, began to raise both hands into the air.
"Hey, this is for you."  The customer raised his hands higher and began to back away.
"Hey! This is the smoke stack for your train!"
The customer finally understood and lowered his hands exclaming, "For a moment there, I thought I was in some real trouble..."

Call us for any of your service needs at 1-800-LGB-POLA or visit us at for more information and installation prices! 

Revolutionary Technology!

Our new intra-office LGB/Marklin transporation system!

Ross' Story

Hi, I am Ross Buttrum. I began running trains when I was five years old. Every Christmas my parents took me to Watts Train Shop to pick out something to add to my LGB carpet railroad.  Watts is down the road from my house, so when I turned 13, my mom would drop me off every day and I would stay until closing.  I tested every locomotive in the shop.  After a year, David Watts put me to work so I could continue to grow my collection.  Four years later, I'm doing installations and repairs!  Visit me at or call me at 317-873-2365 or 1-800-LGB-POLA!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why LGB? Why G scale?

An ideal choice for model railway trains are the G scale LGB trains - now owned by Marklin. When you debate all your options, the larger G scale train models offer many advantages over the smaller indoor layouts. It is called "G" scale after the German word "gartenbahn," meaning "garden railroad."  Hence, you can build amazing layouts and displays with just a few outdoor gardens and a small gardening knowledge base. In fact, a layout of trains outdoors, allows one to drastically improve their skills in gardening and landscaping as well as planning outdoor projects. Also, some interior designers love to add a flair to their designs with the addition of a nearby outdoor layout.

So why should you choose LGB G-scale trains and what are the benefits of outdoor layouts?

Outdoor LGB model trains can add a very special touch to the landscaping of your yard - definitely better than hiding it in the basement. Outside there is a wide range of landscaping options and opportunities that are not available for an indoor layout. You can add any number of exciting, original features, such as water, landscaping, plants, trees, rocks and garden designs.

So why LGB?

For some people, the equipment on a larger scale LGB G scale trains are easier to handle. G scale trains are 1:22:05 scale, unlike the HO model trains 1:87 scale. LGB model trains also have a reputation for quality and reliability - one that is only improving with their recent association with Marklin.

LGB and G scale train gardens are ideal for bringing in more fans of trains, even when not in use. When the trains are outdoors, the climate - especially in the ultraviolet light from the sun - can cause wear on the train platforms and buildings. If there is snow on your train tracks, you can remove it manually or let the train to deal with a plow or a wedge. There are countless LGB trains that have survived years of weathering, and still run like new.

Some recommendations...

If you raise the roadbed above the ground, it is easier to maintain and enjoy its beauty, without harming your back or leaving it susceptible to animals.

A popular method for raising an embankment is to use bricks and filling the area with dirt or gravel. If you prefer not to use brick, building a wooden, above ground layout is a possibility. It is strong and flexible,  as well as weather resistant. And yet it is easy add to the buildings as well as adding ramps and bridges.

Remember: Make the design of the garden based around the layout.

Consider filling part of your yard with a rock garden. Another innovative touch would be to convert birdhouses into miniture buildings.

LGB G scale trains offer a compelling choice for outdoor layouts. With LGB model trains, the possibilities are endless.

Visit us at for our huge selection of LGB and other G scale trains!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Check out some shots of the store! Visit us at or contact us at 1-800-LGB-POLA (1-800-542-7652)!
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